Loose Gemstones

Let the brilliance of moissanite loose gems light up your fine jewelry collection.

Brilliant Round

Timeless and classic. Charles & Colvard most popular moissanite shape. Charles & Colvard round stones exhibit 57-58 facets of pure beauty.


Charles & Colvard unique moissanite Asscher cuts are as bold as they are beautiful. Made famous at the turn of the 20th century, this exquisite cut displays 57-58 facets of brilliance.


With an impressive 81-82 facets, Charles & Colvardcushion cut moissanite stones dance in the light. Flaunting a pillow-like appearance, this cut is the perfect mix between a square and round cut.


Both a modern and vintage favorite alike. 45-46 facets create these silky smooth emerald cut stone showcased in two grades of exquisite Forever One moissanite.

Hearts & Arrows

One of the most proportionally ideal cuts available today, Charles & Colvard expertly crafted hearts & arrows moissanite gemstones are unique, just like the person wearing them. Available in both rounds and cushions, these gemstones are made with the utmost precision, resulting in eight beautiful, symmetrical hearts and arrows that can be seen when closely examining the gemstone with a viewer.


Charles & Colvard popular oval cut gemstones feature 69-70 facets that showcase the timeless beauty of this cut. Charles & Colvard elongated oval cut has a higher length-to-width ratio that offers a streamlined elegance.


Boasting 65-66 facets, Charles & Colvard square cut moissanite gemstones are a classic that will always be in style. Charles & Colvard square cut stones are ideal for a variety of jewelry settings.


Similarities to the lovely emerald cut make Charles & Colvard Forever One moissanite radiant cut a desirable option. 53-54 facets give this elongated shape a glow that only moissanite exudes.


One of the fanciest shapes available, Charles & Colvard pear cut moissanite stones are divine and whimsical. Boasting 71-72 facets, the beauty of this cut lies in its enchanting shape and versitility.

Rose Cuts

Charles & Colvard six different rose cut shapes complete a bouquet of unique moissanite gems. The Duet Rose by Charles & Colvard is a double sided rose cut that, when set in fresh new styles, displays both sides of the stone.


The princess cut is a perfect fit for Charles & Colvard moissanite family. 57-58 facets let light shine through for unmatched fire and brilliance only moissanite exudes.


A vintage cut with many different monikers, Charles & Colvard Forever One Marquise cut stones showcase 57-58 facets, exuding unmatched fire and brilliance on this narrow silhouette. A unique shape that boasts precise symmetry.


A total of 56-57 facets complete Charles & Colvard Forever One heart shape moissanite stones, creating a symbol of true love that shines brilliantly.


Unanimously proportioned, Charles & Colvard trillion cut moissanite gemstones flaunt 43-44 facets. This triangular shape has been around for centuries, but is the perfect moissanite stone for the modern woman.

Accent Stones

Add some shimmer to your setting with accent gems. Ideal as side stones, they lend distinct style that sets your jewelry apart. Baguettes and tapered baguettes lend a vintage aesthetic to even the most contemporary designs, and are offered in different cuts. Half-moon accents are versatile and flank emerald, cushion, round, and radiant cuts beautifully, while trapezoid accents add modern geometric flair to a variety of center stones.

Elongated Cushion

Classic romantic style led the popularity of cushion cut gems for over a century. Charles & Colvard Elongated Cushion Cut is reminiscent of that same romance with an antique appeal. Perfect in a bevy of jewelry, from engagement rings to necklaces.

Old European

Historically significant as the original round cut that was hand crafted between 1890-1930. Charles & Colvard version of the Old European Cut offers sentimental nostalgia coupled with beautiful vintage style. From its visible culet to its angled facets, this is one brilliant gem.


We’re making aspirational more attainable.

Charles & Colvard Exotic Gems are redefining luxury. Each gemstone is expertly crafted and faceted to emphasize the revolutionary brilliance of moissanite. Ranging from 6 to 15.5 carats diamond equivalent weight, these gems are like nothing you’ve ever seen.