(From Left) Tom Bergan, Senior Vice President; Bob Lian, Moiss Jewelry; Don O’Connell, Chief Executive Officer.

Moiss Jewelry is looking for resellers to sell their brilliant Charles & Colvard moissanite. As the original creator of moissanite, the American company makes sparkling stones that are sure to impress.

As a moissanite reseller, you only need a suggested minimum of USD 2,500 to start, making it a low capital investment business. We are proud to say that our resellers constantly report that moissanite is quickly becoming their #1 seller and profit maker.

We encourage jewelers to get in touch with us but we are also happy to work with any entrepreneur or businessman, you don’t need to have a jewellery background to partner with us. All you need is an interest in jewellery and a belief in the special value of moissanite.

Since we are at the heart of ASEAN in Singapore, we are looking for resellers in that region and our moissanite can be easily shipped to you or you can travel to Singapore to collect your stock.

Moissanite is experiencing unrivalled sales growth as more and more people discover with delight its hypnotic brilliance. If you’re interested in becoming a reseller and benefitting from the exciting sales potential of moissanite, contact us today!

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